Hugo de Grootstraat 32 - Horizon House - Short Stay

Originally a pharmaceutical laboratory, Horizon House now houses international students and other short stay tenants.


This building was built in 1895 and used until 1907 as a pharmaceutical laboratory and until September 2004 used by the Faculty of Law of Leiden University. In 2005 the building was completely renovated and made suitable for housing international students and short stay tenants. Horizon House is a national monument and has unusual, neo-gothic arched windows. It is owned by housing company 'DUWO Leiden'.


The short stay apartments at this location are meant for international guest researchers, post-docs and guest professors. Please be informed that the housing at this location is not suitable for children.

The apartments available for guests are situated next to each other, separate from the student rooms that are also located in the building. There are 7 double apartments and 1 single apartment for short stay guests. Each apartment consists of one room with a kitchen area, and a separate shower/toilet. The bed(s) is (are) placed on a loftlike-area above the kitchen and bathroom. The apartments are furnished and kitchenware is provided. 

The size of the single apartment is 25 m². The size of six from the seven double apartments vary from 26 m² to 48 m². There is one very spacious double apartment with the size of 89 m². All the apartments have the same kind of furniture

No smoking in the apartments
Please bear in mind that all apartments at Hugo de Grootstraat 32 are non-smoking.

Internet, TV and telephone
There is an internet connection available provided by Ziggo and is included in the rent. The only thing you need to arrange, is a UTP cable. The TV and telephone connection are also provided by Ziggo and not included in the rent.

Lijbrandt Telecom (information in Dutch)

There is a laundrette with washing machines and dryers. The use of these are not included in the rent. Washing costs 3,50 euro and drying 1,00 euro. For the payment you can use a Dutch debit card or credit card (VISA or Mastercard).

House rules
House rules apply to this location. You will receive a copy of these upon arrival.


Apartment type

Monthly rent

Number of apartments
Single studio apartment € 755 1
Double studio apartment € 725 - € 885 6
'Spacious' double studio apartment € 1155 1


Apartment 1 person

Apartment 2 persons
  • 1 Bed including mattress   
  • 1 Bedside table
  • 1 Dining table
  • 1 Dining chair
  • 1 Armchair
  • 1 Coffee table
  • 1 Side table
  • 1 Bookcase
  • 1 Wardrobe or built-in closet
  • 1 Desk lamp
  • 1 Standard lamp
  • 1 Fridge
  • Hot plates
  • Basic kitchenware
  • 2 Beds including mattress  
  • 1 Bedside table
  • 1 Dining table
  • 2 Dining chairs
  • 2 Armchairs
  • 1 Coffee table
  • 1 Side table
  • 1 Bookcase
  • 2 Wardrobes or built-in closets
  • 2 Desk lamps
  • 1 Standard lamp
  • 1 Fridge
  • Hot plates
  • Basic kitchenware
It is prohibited to place extra inventory in your room or anywhere in the building.

Bed linen

Housing at Hugo de Grootstraat includes bed linen, including: 1 duvet, 1 pillow, 1 duvet cover, 1 mattress protector, 1 pillow case and 1 sheet.

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