The apartment building at Hooigracht/Kloosterpoort is located in the centre of Leiden. It contains more than 200 modern, self-contained apartments for a maximum rental period of one year.


This building is classified as a historical monument with its history going back to 1892. It has been used for various purposes and has had a variety of occupants, but in Leiden it is known foremost as the former Elisabeth Hospital (1892-1972). In 2001 it was acquired by DUWO Leiden (formerly known as SLS Wonen) and his since been used mostly for housing international students.

In 2007 the building was completely renovated and modernised but its character remains intact. The stained glass, the original ornaments, the enclosed garden, and colours used for the interior remind one of times past.

There is an enclosed garden with benches and a pond. A Belgian beer café & dance bar is situated on the ground floor. The café stays open late into the night. Every fourth Saturday of the month the café is turned into a nightclub. This can cause noise nuisance for the surrounding apartments.


There are 175 single apartments and 11 double apartments. Each apartment consists of one room, and has it’s own kitchen, and shower/toilet. In most apartments the bed is situated in a loft-like area above the kitchen and bathroom. The apartments are furnished and kitchenware is provided. Some apartments have a balcony or terrace. The size of apartments vary from 15m² to 47m² and they all have the same kind of furniture.

Bicycle storage
The building has a safe bicycle storage area.

No smoking in the apartments
Please bear in mind that all apartments at the Hooigracht/Kloosterpoort/Middelstegracht building are non-smoking.

The building is situated in the city centre with shops, market and town hall. Within walking distance of 2 supermarkets.

The building is close to a bus stop and a 7 minute bicycle ride from Leiden Central Station.

Internet, TV and telephone
There is an internet connection available. This service is provided by Ziggo and is included in the rent. The only thing you need to arrange, is a UTP cable. The TV and telephone connection are also provided by Ziggo. Only the use of the telephone facility is not included in the rent.

ITT Desk (information in Dutch)

There are washing machines and dryers in the communal areas. The use of these are not included in the rent. Washing costs 2,50 euro and drying 1,00 euro. For the payment you can use a Dutch debit card or credit card (Visa or Mastercard).


Please bear in mind that these prices will be raised in in July due to a statutory rent increase and recalculation of the service costs.

Apartment type
Monthly rent

Number of apartments
Single studio apartment € 615 - € 820 178
Double studio apartment € 810 - € 890 6
Shared studio apartment  € 425 - € 545  14 


Pillow and cover 
Mattress and cover 
Bed linen box (1. fitted sheet and blankets and sheets, or 2. duvet + duvet cover) 

Paper bin 
Easy chair 
Desk lamp 
Small table 
Desk and chair 
Window coverings 

Waste bin 

Toilet brush 

At least the above mentioned items should be present in your room. The model of an item may differ from room to room. 

Apartments that have carpet on the floor have a vacuum cleaner included in the inventory. It is prohibited to place extra inventory in your room or anywhere in the building.

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Last Modified: 20-10-2017