Tenancy agreement terms and conditions

All you need to know about your tenancy agreement.

Availability and allocation policy

• All our accommodation is subject to availability.
• There is limited availability of student accommodation.
• The Housing Office cannot guarantee housing for all applicants.

In terms of housing allocation it is impotant to know that the Housing Office:
• allocates accommodation on a ‘first come first served’ basis - 
your place on the housing list is determined by the date of receipt of the housing fee;
• cannot offer accommodation if you miss the housing application deadline;
• will try to meet your housing preferences as much as possible - subject to availability;
• is unable to send a second housing offer if you do not accept the first housing offer;
• will inform you whether housing is available or not;
• will offer you housing in either Leiden or The Hague depending on availability. 

Tenancy duration

Tenancy agreements for rooms or apartments are available for one or two semesters or one year and depending on the length of your study programme. The Housing Office does not offer permanent accommodation.

Type of agreement

Tenancy duration



Fall semester

5 months



Spring semester

7 months



Pre-sessional course

As part of an inclusive semester or year-long contract if you continue your (master’s) studies at Leiden University following the pre-sessional English course

1 or 2 months

July 1st or August 1st

July 31st or

August 31st

Research Master/Bachelor

If you are enrolled on a Research Master you can rent for up to 2 years, subject to housing availability. After 1 year you may have to move to another location due to national regulations regarding short stay housing for international students.

2 years (2 locations)

Mid-August or Mid-January

Mid-August or


PhD contract

After completing your PhD dissertation you are eligible to stay for an additional period of no more than 6 months, within the maximum tenancy of 5 years.

Duration of research period at Leiden University (with a maximum of 5 years)

Depends on start date of research contract

Depends on end date of research contract

LUC campus contract

LUC students stay in university housing for the first two years of their programme.

2 years

Mid-August or Mid-February (depending on start date LUC programme)

2 years from the start date

Short stay guest contract

Duration of short stay period (between 1 and 12 months)

1st or 16th of every month (this may be different if the start date begins in weekends or during holidays)

15th or last day of every the month (this may be different if the start date begins in weekends or during holidays).

Requests for change

You can request a change to your tenancy duration. Please read the request forms for more information and criteria.

Preferred start date
You can request an alternative start date, subject to the availability of housing. The Housing Office cannot guarantee accommodation will be available. Fill out the application form including the ‘preferred start date’ field. 

Moving requests
If you wish to move to another accommodation you can fill out the moving form after reading the instructions and criteria.



Tenancy agreement

Deadline for request for extension, moving or early termination

Spring semester contract

15 November

Fall semester contract

1 June

Short stay contract (guests)

One calendar month before the tenancy agreement ends

PhD contract

After sending your extended PhD contract or termination form to the Housing Office. If you wish to move, you can send us an email.

Contract termination

Contract termination policy

Your tenancy ends on the date specified in your tenancy agreement, and not earlier. You may apply for early termination or an extension of your contract as specified in your tenancy agreement.

Early termination
Before you decide to terminate your contract early please note that the following general stipulations apply:

• You will remain responsible for your rent payment until the end of your contract.
• Send your request at least one month in advance of your preferred end date.
• Early termination can only be approved if you find a replacement tenant to take over your contract.

If a suitable replacement tenant is not found the contract cannot be terminated before the original end date. A replacement tenant has to meet all requirements. He or she:

• must be an international student but can not be a PHD student*;
• cannot yet be a tenant with the Housing Office**;
• must pay the housing fee before receiving a housing offer for your accommodation;
• will be responsible for other applicable costs including rent payment until the end of the original contract.

*Housing for PHD students is facilitated by the SCIS, a department within the University for international staff.

**Our policy is that all prospective students are required to follow our standard application procedure. This way we can give all new incoming students a fair chance of receiving an offer for their preferred accommodation.
Taking over someone's contract before actually having started their studies would be bypassing this procedure and would be unfair to prospective students who have applied earlier and already paid their housing fee. Some have already a year ago. In our eyes it would be unfair that your friend gets an apartment at a popular location in the Leiden city center, although she might not yet have applied.  
We understand the inconvenience we cause by not allowing this contract to be taken over. Please know that this is not by any means unwillingness from our side to grant you an early termination, but a matter of principle with regards to our policy for prospective students.

How to terminate your contract early
In order to terminate your contract early please take the following steps:

1.       Check the overview below to see if it is possible to terminate your tenancy agreement early.

Type of contract

When to apply

How to apply

Fall semester

Fall semester before 15th of November

Early termination form

Spring semester

Spring semester before 1st of June

Early termination form

Pre-sessional course

31st of July

Early termination form

Research Master

At least a month's notice before end date

Early termination form

PhD contract

At least a month's notice before end date

Original hard copy form by post or in person

LUC campus contract

At least a month's notice before end date

Original hard copy form by post or in person

Short stay guest contract

At least a month's notice before end date

Contact form


2.       Fill out the early termination form.
3.       Find a replacement tenant if possible. The Housing Office will assist in finding a replacement tenant, but this cannot be guaranteed.
a.       Found someone? Propose your replacement tenant to the Housing Office by sending his/her contact details using our contact form
b.       Has the proposed replacement tenant been approved by the Housing Office? Then the replacement tenant has to pay the housing fee and other applicable costs before receiving a housing offer for your accommodation. 
4.       Wait for the Housing Office's reply concerning your early termination request. The confirmation of your request should take no longer than 1 week.
a.       Request denied: Early termination is not possible.
b.       Request pending: Additional information is needed.
c.       Request approved: Your contract can be transferred to a replacement tenant. You can follow the check-out procedure

Confirmation of points b. and c. are subject to the replacement tenant.

Extension of contract
You may request an extension of your tenancy agreement. Please note that the following general stipulations apply:
• You must still be eligible for housing as a registered Leiden University student, employee or guest
• Housing is subject to availability.
• You have stayed in the same room or apartment for one semester or less.

How to apply for extension of contract
1.       Send a request with the following information by filling out our contact form.
• Your full name
• Your student or employee ID number
• Your current address
• Preferred new end date

2.       Pay all rent and other unpaid charges until the end date of your current contract in full. The outstanding balance has to be paid before you sign your extended tenancy agreement.  

General conditions

Last Modified: 24-05-2017